Instructional Design Portfolio

Angie McGahey​

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I am an innovative Instructional Designer and Elearning Developer with training in the ADDIE model & Rapid Prototyping, and a strong knowledge of instructional design theory and adult learning principles. With one-on-one training by Robbie Chui of LearningTech, I have gained advanced technical skills in Storyline 360, and gained valuable experience in collaborating with SME’s, storyboarding, gathering and creating assets, design and development of elearning modules including gamification, branching scenarios and quizzes, and integrating the results into Totara LMS.

Some relevant experience includes:

*Created elearning modules, quizzes and assessments in Storyline 360 that teach consequences to the learners, 

LMS Administrator (Totara Moodle), onboarding, creating courses and course content, assessments, learning pathways, managing users and trouble shooting technical issues, advanced reporting to identify learning gaps for individuals, and analysing engagement

Training needs analysis to identify gaps between an employee’s skills and the skills required, by analysing existing training records and reviewing materials, methods and assessments

* Designed and developed an online knowledge base residing in SharePoint, using html5 & JQuery,  to provide quicker methods of accessing information – this replaced their current methods

* Consultant Contact Center training modules using live customer recordings to improve customer satisfaction ratings

* Created interactive data flow diagrams for hundreds of processes in PowerPoint, and later converted to an interactive online reference housed in Sharepoint

* Well versed in futuristic elearning technologies with the 2019 release of Adobe Captivate, that deliver immersive learning experiences in VR to allow learners to navigate near real-life situations in a risk-free environment

“Fonterra have provided excellent feedback to Frog Recruitment on the high quality of work Angela consistently produced to a very high standard.”

“Angela was able to tune and deliver a fantastic quality of work.… she often had some very creative and practical solutions to the way things could be improved.  She has an amazing knack for bringing things together on the screen. Her ‘can do’ attitude leaves nothing to beat her.”


Learning Gap Identified: Consultants are frequently giving incorrect advice in relation to Server licensing.

Project Brief:  To develop a series of practice questions using live customer recordings and multiple choice answers to choose from.  Screenshots of the storyboard are below.

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Solution Developed:  Created Customer Service practice modules, identified the most frequently occurring [errors], embedded live audio recordings and used variables to create a personalised user experience.  The users’ results are passed into Totara LMS where weaknesses in licensing knowledge can be further pinpointed to individuals, and face to face training sessions scheduled to target specific skills needed.

This elearning module also shows where the module sits within the competency matrix, and is responsive on all devices.


Contact Center demo: Click thumbnail to view

Health and Safety Assessment demo: Click thumbnail to view

blended learning

Learning Gap Identified:   Licensing fundamentals including CAL concepts needs to be learnt early on in a new hires training.

Project Brief:  To develop face to face training materials and an elearning module teaching CAL concepts aimed at new hires.

Solution Developed:  The slides for the training sessions were developed from existing Licensing fundamentals documentation.

The elearning module (below)  teaches examples of when to use the relevant CAL model via quiz style modules.  NB this has been significantly shortened due to sensitivity of material.

After the face to face training session the elearning module below was sent to each participant for follow up learning and self assessment.

click image above to view live demo of the course

data flow diagrams

Project Brief:  I developed over 300 Data Flow Diagrams for each ‘flag process’ and created an online knowledge base that could be referenced quickly.  easily followed and

Learning Gap Identified: 

Flag processes need to be referenced on the fly and followed accurately.  The screenshots below shows one ‘flag process’ taken from a storyboard (on the left) which I turned into a data flow diagram (on the right).

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print based

Learning Gap Identified: Analysts at Level 2 need face to face training sessions on licensing each different Server, and the ability to learn and test their knowledge.

Project Brief:  To develop a series of training slides for each type of Server covering the majority of level 2 licensing concepts.

Solution Developed:  I wrote the content and designed and developed training session content for 12 Microsoft server product as slides in PowerPoint which were shown on an overhead projector in face to face training sessions.

The slides were available in hard copy as well as being pubished to Totara LMS for referencing online.  

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